Welcome to Torbay Taekwon-Do

Welcome to Torbay TKD. We have Taekwondo classes based in Paignton and Torquay Venues. The martial art schools are run by Mr Grant Churchward 5th Degree. We teach a variety of classes in ITF Taekwondo within Torbay for ages 4 years and above.

For those of you already training in Taekwondo, this website aims to offer you a wealth of information, from what you need to know for your next grading, to technical aspects and walk throughs on the Taekwondo patterns (tuls). See the Training Guide.

If you are not already practicing Taekwondo and would like further information, please continue to explore our website or Contact Us. Alternatively you can visit our Venues page and then just come along to enjoy your first month for free!

Thank you for visiting our site!

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Here you will find the syllabus for your next grading, pattern walk throughs, grading questions, history of patterns etc This is where you will find the latest news and updates relating to all aspects of the club.
calendar media-gallery
The calendar will give you access to all events as well as providing its location, map and further details. The Media Gallery contains our photo and video footage. Check back here to see if you have made it to the gallery.