Juniors Taekwondo Classes

Juniors only Taekwondo class
Mr Churchward joining in on one of our Juniors Taekwondo classes

Our junior ITF Taekwondo classes are designed for children aged 7-16 years old. Each session focuses on either patterns (forms), sparring, pad work or self defense.

Junior Taekwondo sparring class
Juniors practicing sparring drills with Mr Churchward
Junior sparring class with Mr Grant Churchward
Mr Churchward joining in with the juniors during a sparring class
Imogen Allen junior Taekwondo student
Junior Torbay Taekwondo student Imogen performing a high section side kick
Torbay Taekwondo junior students enjoying success at a competition
Torbay Taekwondo juniors Imogen Allen and India Hately winning bronze and gold at a GTI tournament
Junior Martial Arts classes
Junior Martial Arts fun day
Imogen Allen performing a high section turning kick
Junior student Imogen Allen performing a high section turning kick