Colourbelt Grading March 2019

Torbay Taekwondo Students receiving their new belts and certificates Mar 2019

Sunday the 10th March saw the first Taekwondo colour belt grading of the year at Torbay Leisure Centre in Paignton. Mr Vaughn Buxton VI degree blackbelt was the grading examiner, who travelled down from Bristol for the day’s testing. A very high standard by all who graded from white to red belts. The grading consisted of patterns (sequences of defensive & offensive movements), linework (series of kicking, blocking and hand strikes given by the examiner). Set sparring (sequences of defensive & offensive movements against an opponent). Self defence from a series of holds and grasps. Free sparring (controlled sparring against several partners) also 2 on 1 sparring for Red belts. Power testing, which is either breaking boards or hitting a large pad for our younger members. Overall a very comprehensive test of their martial art skills. Nothing is given, only earnt.

A massive congratulations to all those who graded. Credit Passes (high pass) were awarded to the following people:
Hannah Newton
Anya Cowell
Bailey Gilbert
Hudson Cooper Thompson
Robi Morris
Alana Hailey
Oliver Blamey

Special mention to Hannah Newton who not only passed with a credit, but was awarded the Grading Award for best overall effort and now will be preparing to grade for her Blackbelt next.

Miss Hannah Newton receiving the Grading Award in March 2019 at Torbay Taekwondo Schools
Grading Award March 2019