Online ITF Taekwondo Theory Guide

Click on the belt that you are now, to find out what is required of you in your next grading.
Junior White Belt (10th Kup) Adult white belt (10th Kup)Junior purple tag (belt)Junior orange tag (belt)
Yellow tag / stripe belt (9th Kup)Yellow belt (8th Kup)Green tag / stripe belt (7th Kup)Green belt (6th Kup)
Blue tag / stripe belt (5th Kup)Blue belt (6th Kup)Red tag / stripe belt (3rd Kup)Red belt (2nd Kup)
Black tag / stripe belt (1st Kup)1st Degree (1st Dan)2nd Degree (2nd Dan)3rd Degree (3rd Dan)
4th Degree (4th Dan)5th Degree (5th Dan)
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