Mr Liam Clutsam

Mr Liam Clutsam 5th Degree started Taekwondo in August 1995, when he was 8 years old.

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Mr Liam Clutsam 5th Degree

Mr Clutsam is currently Torbay Taekwondo assistant instructor. He has competed regionally, nationally and internationally. His biggest achievement was representing England at the World Championships in South Korea in 2010 where he won a silver medal in the team patterns event. He has won numerous and various medals in sparring, patterns, team events and breaking from all over the UK and Greece.


Mr Clutsam has been training with Mr Churchward for over 25 years and has attended seminars with international instructors from around the world to increase his knowledge. Mr Clutsam was lucky enough to attend a 2 day seminar alongside Mr Churchward with the founder of Taekwondo General Choi Hong Hi. Mr Clutsam has also attended seminars with the General’s son Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa who is the President of the UK ITF