Circuit Training Classes

Leg day at circuits
Don’t forget leg day! How low can you go boys?

Our weekly Wednesday night circuit training classes are open to the public. These classes are solely aimed at getting in shape, toning up and improving fitness. You do not need to be a Taekwondo student to attend these classes, although those seeking to compete are recommended to attend as an additional session to work on stamina and conditioning.

Regardless of ability, fitness levels or previous experience, everyone can take part. These classes are designed so everyone can get something out of them, whether you are an elite athlete or just looking to loose a few pounds. Although the idea is to work at your own pace, Grant will ensure you don’t slack off and that you indeed get your monies worth!

Our Wednesday night Circuit training class
Everyone is welcome to our weekly Wednesday night Circuit Training classes.
Our fitness class Paignton
Join our weekly fitness class in Paignton! Dancing is optional…
Doing core exercises to build strength
Don’t neglect the core.
Our exercise classes in Torbay
Even the camera man can’t slack off…
Circuit training with Grant Churchward
Keeping the elbows touching the ribs makes the exercise a little harder while isolating the bicep muscles