Black Belt Taekwondo Classes

Practicing power kicks at our black belt only Taekwondo classes
Power kicking class developing strength and speed in the legs

Our black belt only Taekwondo classes are designed to give senior grades and instructors the opportunity to take their training to the next level. During these classes we focus on more advanced techniques. As well as practicing black belt Taekwondo patterns, we also work on self defense, sparring, breaking and cross training in some other martial art styles too.

Black belt warmup in preparation for their class
Warm up punching to get the blood flowing
Black belts stretching their legs in preparation for training
Leg stretching in preparation for a kicking class
Torbay Taekwondo black belt senior grades with master nichols
Seminar with Master Nichols
ITF Taekwondo theory guide by Mr Grant Churchward
Mr Churchward explaining how a good stance is the foundation for generating power
Two black belts sparring
Black belt sparring class